About Life Aromatics

Natural and Organic Aromatherapy

We discovered Essential Oils in 2013 when working at one of the biggest distributors of Essential Oils and Extracts in the World. A world of Aroma opened to us as we discovered the powerful and beneficial effects of Aromatherapy. We found that we could blend powerful blends into Carrier Oils and into Butters such as Shea Butters. We built up a knowledge library and vast intuition about the effects of Aromatherapy. Inspired by this natural wonder we are aiming to provide better Natural and Organic Health Care to the world. This all comes together in Life Aromatics.

Organically Certified

With first hand experience in the industry, we know where to source the finest Organically Certified ingredients that are rigorously tested through quality control processes. . You may request the organic certifications at any time and we will happily share them. One day we will upload them to the website too.

Did you know?

Tea Tree Oil is known for its anti-microbial effects. A peer-reviewed study described exactly how this works. It was found that the component 1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol) “drills” holes into microbial membranes, which allows the component Terpinen-4-ol and other Terpenes to “invade” the cell and destroy it from the inside. Fascinating isn’t it! Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils share similar chemical compositions. The main difference is that Eucalyptol is generally higher and Terpinen-4-ol is much lower in Eucalyptus Oils than Tea Tree Oils. The similar chemistry is due to the fact that both species are from the same plant family n.l, Myrtaceae. One could say that the effects of these two oils will be very similar. Indeed, both Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils are anti-microbial. Perhaps there are more potent oils within this plant family too that are left undiscovered!

Natural and Organic Healthcare
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils has the same chemistry than the Bottle Brush

Bottle Brushes are very common in especially Gauteng. If you ever come across a Bottle Brush plant, be sure to grab a leaf and break it between your fingers and smell. You will be amazed by the scent that you smell because Bottle Brush plants are also part of the Myrtaceae plant family!

There are more wonders about Essential Oils to discover, and hopefully one day modern medicine will embrace this. Natural medicines work holistically (more than one component is involved in the mechanism) whereas modern medicine advances the use of a single concentrated component. Think of Aspirin, which is concentrated Salicylic Acid (modified to reduce acidity). This originated from the Bark of Willow Trees. Perhaps there was more about the Bark fo Willow Trees that made it effective in treating pains such as headaches than just Salicylic Acid. Who would know?