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  • Carrier Oils

    Carrier Oils (10)

    Organic Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Carrier oils, also known as base oils or vegetable oils, are natural oils derived from the seeds, nuts, or kernels of various plants. They serve as a medium to dilute and “carry” essential oils before they are applied to the skin in aromatherapy or used for various therapeutic purposes. These oils are rich in fatty…
  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils (15)

    Pure Organic Essential Oils Step into the enchanting realm of essential oils, where nature’s aromatic treasures and therapeutic wonders converge to uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Essential oils are the distilled essences of plants, carrying within them the concentrated scents, potent properties, and centuries-old wisdom of herbal traditions. This category invites you to explore the diverse and captivating world…
  • Glass Containers

    Glass Containers (4)

    Glass containers & packaging bottles Revered for their premium quality, versatility, and eco-friendly attributes, glass containers is a preferred choice across various industries, including cosmetics, beverages, gourmet foods, and pharmaceuticals. This category invites you to explore the unparalleled charm and practicality of glass packaging bottles, showcasing their diverse applications, benefits, and enduring appeal. Versatility in Applications: Glass packaging bottles cater…
  • Laboratory Glassware

    Laboratory Glassware (1)

    Laboratory Glassware Crafted with precision engineering and stringent quality standards, laboratory glassware is designed to meet the exacting demands of scientific research and experimentation: Borosilicate Glass: Most lab glassware is made from borosilicate glass, prized for its exceptional durability, thermal resistance, and chemical inertness, ensuring reliability and safety in a wide range of experimental conditions. Calibrated Graduations: Graduated markings and…
  • Organic Soap Range

    Organic Soap Range (5)

    Liquid Castile Soap Range Dive into the world of purity and simplicity with liquid castile soaps, a testament to nature’s gentle cleansing and nurturing abilities. Liquid castile soaps, named after the region of Castile in Spain where they originated, offer a natural and versatile way to cleanse your body, home, and even your furry friends. This category invites you to…
  • Shea Butters

    Shea Butters (6)

    Shea Butter Range Shea Butters offer intensive Skin Moisturizing and Nourishment. It is a nutrient-rich butter obtained from the nut of the African Shea Tree and is widely used in cosmetic formulations. Use Shea Butter on the skin for the following benefits: Moisturizes – Natural vitamins and fatty acids makes it moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. It remedies dry skin and helps…
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All Life Aromatics formulations are made from Pure and Natural ingredients.  These products do not contain: Petroleum Jelly or by-products, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Isopropyl Alchols or Propylene Glycol.