Vision and Principles

Certified Organic

We source only the finest Organically Certified ingredients that are rigorously tested through quality control processes. Committed to purity, there is no room for harsh synthetic chemicals in our ranges.

Continuous Development

We are continually looking to develop suitable Natural and Organic Alternatives to everyday Personal Care routines. 

Community Upliftment

We strive to uplift the communities that we work with. From sourcing of ingredients to making postive contributions in the area we serve.

Holistic Health

Better health starts with better habits, from the foods we eat to the items that we come into contact with everyday. 

Ecological Impact

There is no more room to pollute the earth or to threaten animals with human products. This is for a greener and more sustainable world for all.

Product Categories

  • Bottles Galore

    Bottles Galore (14)

    Protects from UV light | Reusable Bottles | Various Sizes | Various Caps | No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Carrier Oils

    Carrier Oils (11)

    Organic | Cold Pressed Carrier Oils | Various Sizes
  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils (15)

    Pure Organic Essential Oils | Various Sizes | Free Glass Pipette Dropper
  • Liquid Castile Soap

    Liquid Castile Soap (5)

    Organic | Hypo-Allergenic | Hand, Face & Body Liquid Castile Soap | Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo (unscented only)
  • Shea Butters

    Shea Butters (6)

    Organic Shea Butter with Sweet Almond & Jojoba Oils | Intensive Moisturiser | SPF5+ UV Protection